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Reading this but not a member, then why not come and join us !! e-mail Leslie or Jean at

Our move up to 2 Div is proving a difficult ride at the moment but on the plus side we are gaining some real experience. I'm confident that we will pick up at least one win in the season and then see what the future holds for us.

Well done everyone, in one way or another every one of you has played a part in the success of the club.

     Great teamwork, Great play,

                  Great success - Great club

Be Proud - be a Blazer

We've seen a number of changes in the club during the summer of 2016, not the least in the composition of our teams. From here on in it's Onwards and Upwards 

The BBC film of our training session was shown on BBC Points West and BBC Midlands so was seen by upwards of three million viewers, so three million more people now know about the Gloucester Blazers and also a little more about wheelchair basketball.  --- Be Proud, be a Blazer


All match dates and results for both the 3 & 4 Div squads are shown on the Events page

All of our teams performed really well in the 2015/16 season with the 3 Div team taking the top slot and moving up to 2 Div for the 2016/17 season. At this time we have a 4 Div team ready for the road but await BWB publishing the Div structure

Our training programme will continue on through 2016 and into  2017; Thursdays 6.00 to 8.00pm at the Oxstalls Campus of the University.

New members are always most welcome; come and have a look, then give it a try and then join the best sports club for the disabled in Gloucestershire


Well Done - Be Proud - Be a Blazer


The Club video is now on the WWW rated alongside video clips from around the world, Have a look at the Vimeo sites when putting Gloucester Blazers or blazerswbc into your search engine. 


 Remember its points that win the match

                  but its teamwork that gets the points.

WE welcome students from the University of Gloucestershire and Gloucester College; come and have a look at us, maybe practise your skills or perhaps even gain some !!!.